Lenticular Business Cards Are Guaranteed to Capture Attention

No matter your age, practically everybody likes to have fun with toys. They catch and hold attention. That’s the power of lenticular cards. When you make a lenticular business card or postcard that everyone has fun with, you get a marketing tool that constructs a memorable connection.

Lenticular business cards stimulate sales because they are enjoyable to hang out and await the action. The enjoyable aspect of lenticular cards is they inform an animated story in 2 or 3 turns. Most people are interested by the wow aspect action and have fun with the turns over and over once again. They then reveal it to others who play the card. When you distribute a lenticular business card, it requires a reaction that opens a discussion.

Lenticular postcards can be distributed at conventions, conferences, mixers or any place you carry out business. When distributed, they bring in eyes like a magnet, so will bring in more attention that will enhance your brand name. Guests will ask you for one and reveal it to others developing a viral result.

Lenticular cards are not costly but they do cost a bit more than basic uninteresting business cards that are typically forgotten or discarded. They’re worth the extra expense because there is a more effective marketing tool than a lot of other cards. Requiring attention, their eye sweet impact is alluring; your eyes lock on to it and your brain will not let it go. The entire idea of a business card or a postcard is to be kept in mind in an unusual way which precisely what lenticular cards do.

Lenticular business cards and lenticular postcards are typically printed on a heavy 21Pt. card stock. The lenticular animated impact is on one side of the card and the opposite is printed using the basic 4 color procedure. The cool aspect of lenticular cards is they are simple to style but there are a couple of things that should be thought about.

Here are some Design Tips:

The bleed should be made larger for lenticular cards. The overall bleed must be.25 contributed to the cut size. If you are buying a business card, the file size ought to be 3.75 x 2.25. The files need to be CMYK and 300dpi like basic cards.

There are some other guidelines you ought to follow when establishing the front of a lenticular card.

– It is NOT RECOMMENDED to use strong color backgrounds (particularly white) in your images. The animation result is far more visible if you opt for vibrant textured backgrounds.

– Use strong typefaces and prevent great, little, or thin type.

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